Manual therapy table LOJER Manuthera 241E



A multiple-purpose table for manual therapy LOJER Manuthera 241E
is uniquely used in vertebral pathology treatment.

A special table with electric drive of height adjustment (43-83 cm). With the help of a massage table LOJER Manuthera 241E one can carry out tractions (back bone extension), make position of Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg, various design methods and manipulations, including rotating movements in the thoracic spine when fixing a specific segment, longitudinal, lateral and rotating movements in the hip area.
The system of pneumatic cylinders simplifies doctor’s work and enables movements in 3 planes in the hip area and adjustment of the head section and armrests event when working with thick patients. Special supports for the back allow carrying out rotating manipulations in the thoracic spine when manually extracting individual MPD.

Автор : btamedia

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