This site is devoted to the methods of treating many back bone diseases

and other pathologies with the help of reflex therapy: manual therapy,

acupuncture, auriculotherapy according to the method of the doctor

Rachenko Sergey Leonidovich.

manualniy terapevt i vrach nevrolog

Manual therapy - is one of reflex therapy methods – non-drug method of human treatment. It is a whole system of treatment methods enabling to treat back bone and joints by arms, as well as damage in the system of muscles and bands, number of neurological diseases and diseases of internal organs. Back bone manual therapy is directed to the improvement of volume of intervertebral bands’ movement, as well as increase of muscle and joint apparatus elasticity. It is achieved with the help of soft exposure of a specialist’s arms – manual therapist. The methods of muscle relaxation, traction methods, methods of mobilization and manipulation methods are used.

The manual therapy efficiency increases in case of integrated use of different massage methods, by exposure on biologically active points (BAP) – acupuncture or needle therapy, electrical acupuncture and vertebral methods of remedial gymnastics.

In my practice, I use soft techniques of craniosacral therapy, which does not cause physical discomfort and algesis, give positive dynamics in such vertebral pathology treatment as: neck, stellate, thoracic-dorsolumbar, lumcosacral radiculopathy, scoliosis of the first and second degrees, herniation of intervertebral disks, deforming spondylarthroses being the consequence of the main disease – back bone osteochondrosis; diseases of joints – arthritis, arthrosis, deforming arthrosis-arthrisis of the first and second degree. Craniosacral therapy includes several treatment methods. One of the main methods is UNFOLDING – unfolding of excessively loaded tissues in free directions of their movement. The treatment effect of these soft osteopathic methods lies in the fact that changed muscles or joints do not stretch as in classic manual therapy, but draw together, which leads to quick pain relief and stress relief in muscles and blocked joints.

I use one of the methods of reflex therapy - needle therapy for ENT pathology treatment: blennorrhinia, including vasomotor blennorrhinia with allergenic component, sinusitis, genyantritis, tonsillitis, as well as vegetovascular dystonia, gynecopathies, trifacial neuralgia, facial nerve neuritis, vascular manifestations of female climax, post-traumatic encephalopathy, sexual disorders. In order to solve problems with excess weight, I use the methods of auriculotherapy – by exposure on biologically active points of ear auricle, placing the auricular microneedles. I use the methods of "Needle of Tanaka", "Gold needles of Mukhina", "Falev’s method".

They distinguish the following types of massage: massotherapy used for acceleration of organ functions’ or organ systems’ restoration at their diseases and traumas. They distinguish two types of massotherapy: classic massotherapy and reflex-segmental massage. Classic massotherapy has general local effect on human body by using methods of frottage, pressing, foulage, anointment, vibration and movement. In its turn, reflex-segmental massage is subdivided into segmental; connection-tissue; periosteal; Su Jok therapy; finger zhen (point Chinese); linear massage (Chinese, by meridians); Do-In (Chinese, combined with a set of exercises); Tuina (Old Chinese); Shiatsu (point Japanese).

The basis of reflex therapy is represented by traditional eastern methods: needle therapy, calorlpuncture (warming up) of acupuncture points and point massage. Needle reflex therapy represents a method of placing the special needles into biologically active points (BAP). The separate place in needle reflex therapy is occupied by the method of auriculotherapy, which represents placing of microneedles into biologically active points in the area of ear auricle. The complex combination of these two methods, which complement each other, gives positive dynamics in different pathologies’ treatment. Electric puncture, a method of reflex therapy, which promotes change of the electrolytic composition in the areas of acupuncture points being of great importance in the activity of the vegetative system and regulating many metabolic processes, is also widely applied. The specific place in prevention or treatment of back bone and joint diseases is occupied by Yumeiho therapy, which I practice.

Yumeiho therapy is a Japanese energetic procedure, which includes the elements of the known massage types: Shiatsu, classic massage, manual techniques. The method represents a set of 100 manual methods of exposure on all fields of human body, his joints, muscles and even internal organs.

Yumeiho therapy is a method of eastern traditional medicine. The full name is translated as "recover of human life forces via reduction of hip bones". It means that when relaxing hyper tonus of human muscles by leveling, joints displaced from the axis center, a massage specialist forces “life forces” of the organism (blood, lymph, energy, etc.) to move without obstacles inside human and fulfill its functions. Thus, self-recovery of human takes place. As far as the statistics states that about 98% of mankind has displacement of hip bones almost from childhood, each person requires such a massage. A massage session lasts 1 – 1.5 h; it is made on a soft mattress, through fabric, to music and is accompanied with comfort feelings for the patient. The exposure effect is seen after the first sessions.

I also practice sessions of dynamic dream by exposing on biologically active points (BAP), located in the relevant meridians – afferent (YANG) and efferent (YIN) ways of symptomatic nervous system and on BAP located outside the meridians. As a result of sessions blood pressure values stabilize in the vertebral-basilar basin and intracranial pressure – liquodynamics of the brain normalizes. This, in its turn, leads to decrease of pains of vascular nature, vegetal manifestations of vascular pathology, such as paraequilibrium, sicchasia, state of internal strain disappear. Carried out sessions of dynamic dream give positive dynamics in the rehabilitation period of patient treatment suffered from ischemic insult to the brain, concussion, brain contusion (post-traumatic encephalopathy, vegetovascular dystonia, during female menopause, etc.).

Only detailed study of the cause-and-effect factors in the patient’s pathology, individual approach to selection of treatment methods give a positive result and reduce terms of this or that disease proceed.

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